What is this about?

Ghost in the.sh is an admin service by admins for admins who host and manage their own services

With cloud services and Software as a service, setup and management of machines is becoming a very different affair. The tooling and incident response typically demands a different approach to the older hand tuned server. Management of this kind is becoming increasingly rarer and more expensive

As a Administrator for a self managed box operating 24/7 it can become increasingly difficult to maintain and respond to machines having issues as time goes on and real life commitments compete for attention.

To that end Ghost in the .sh is intended to be a cooperative of experienced administrators helping each other out to maintain a their own machines and the machines of others and be there to respond when you cannot. With all this experience and manpower in one place it also makes for a great learning environment weather you are looking for advice or mentoring or just come entertainment

How secure is this?

Apart from some minimal reporting via automated jobs and a few required utilities Ghost management should be minimally invasive. Care is taking to only grant access to your machine should you allow it and there is need (such as a service failing) to ensure there is as little attack surface as possible and to keep things as secure as possible

What is expected of me?

The requirements are relatively simple as shown below:

How do i sign up?

Ghost in the shell is in the 'Beta' phase at this time, to register interest/sign up please contact us as if you where reporting to us that we where sending spam or the source of a DOS

To register general interest send an email to i_am_intrested@ghostinthe.sh this will be given lower priority